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Nydia Lilian

Nydia is a photographer and graphic designer from the city of Monterrey, Mexico. The artist has been featured in select reviews such as: The Creators Project, Empty Kingdom, VICE Mexico, and The Global Panorama. By creating bizarre, psychedelic compositions, created via digital image manipulation or raw photographic techniques, the audience is captured by the surrealism of her work. Between this and a monochromatic point of view, she is always on the lookout for alternative realities inside her own world.
The work Criss-Cross featured on the Nou project sneakerwas a psychedelic experiment for the artist, “it’s about contrast in all possible forms: “Transforming thelines and giving it a Black & White treatment helped me a lot in creating this project. Most of the images are just mirrored and mixed together, the great challenge was to find the right pictures with the right elements.” In summary; It’s a project with the sole purpose of creating illusions that the viewer can enjoy, inspired by Op-Art. She states how: “These geometric and contrasting shapes are always attractive to our gaze but they can also make someone suffer a bit by seeing the saturated composition.”