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Gail Stoicheff

Gail Stoicheff makes paintings that are as mysterious as they are engaging. Her work speaks through an ever-expanding vocabulary that collapses the chasm between process, subject, and content. From traditional oil painting to tie-dye, her experimental studio practice delves into collective cultural mythologies and the mythos of painting itself. 
"My work is tangentially tied to Greek mythology and when I was making my sneakers, with one eye on the bleak news cycle, the myth that kept coming to mind was that of Chaos. Chaos was a void out of which came the entire world…the sun and the moon of color emerging from the emptiness. A void never lasts. I thought that was a good thing to keep in mind right now." 
Stoicheff has been with Catinca Tabacaru Gallery since its inception. During this time her work has evolved from its roots in pure abstraction to a genre-defying investigation of the non-objective as it confronts the highly subjective. She presented her first solo exhibition in February 2015, early in the gallery’s program. Stoicheff received her MFA from Bard College (2005). She was the recipient of Robert Motherwell’s Daedalus Foundation Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting, as well as The Elaine DeKooning Painting Award