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Franz Klainsek

FRANZ KLAINSEK, a self-taught American artist of Cuban and Austrian descent. His creation is embedded within his roots as well as the space between body and mind, feeling and thought. The creation process is an extension of his human form, lost in timewhere movement becomes weightless and the pieces dictate their own journey.
Franz Klainsek addresses societal programming and its systematic effect on the human mind through his work.
Large scale paintings and installations often include references to man’s struggle to find Truth in the "programmed" society and his identification with mind.His endurance art pieces bring awareness to societal issues that "cause suffering or keep us from being free." He uses art as a vehicle to express his Truth, seeing the work as an eye opener, "an awakening", to what is overseen, rejected, or "numbed."
The work is a raw and direct interpretation of Franz Klainsek’s studies of the subconscious mind, life experiences to date, and the strong desire to journey on into further understanding Truth.
Higher realms is about tapping into the energy frequency where our spirit guides/ source energy lives.
Ms Meurrens higlights how every great warrior must learn to endure and overcome the adversities of life.
This piece celebrates the power of woman.