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The Nou Project X Gail Stoicheff

The Nou Project X Gail Stoicheff

Here at The Nou Project we strive off of collaborating with Artists to promote, support and create magic. Step into Art “Universe” and Stand out in our “Chaos” Sneakers by Artist  Gail StoicheffWhen we asked Gail about her process during this collaboration she mentions: "My work is tangentially tied to Greek mythology and when I was making my sneakers, with one eye on the bleak news cycle, the myth that kept coming to mind was that of Chaos. Chaos was a void out of which came the entire world…the sun and the moon of colour emerging from the emptiness. A void never lasts. I thought that was a good thing to keep in mind right now." 

How fitting is this in relation to current events that have been occurring in 2020? So, we invite you to Shop 
Chaos to Stop Chaos!

The Nou Project X Astrology of The Soul

In honour of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn that occurred on Sunday July 5 2020 at 4:07 am in the United Kingdom, we have partnered with Astrology of The Soul, a great astrologist, and teacher, to share his insight on what this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse signifies and what it means for your horoscope:
This full moon eclipse will be in the sign of Capricorn.  The full moon puts the spotlight on things that have come to a completion, fruition, full manifestation and endings. Capricorn is an Earth sign and it’s also Cardinal, meaning that it has a very strong initiating orientation energy. On an everyday level Capricorn needs to be concerned and effective in practical terms, implementations of the physical reality, hence why structure, order, responsibility and a sense of duty are very much a part of the Capricorn nature. This is also a sign that is concerned with a long-term tradition, something that can withstand and withhold time and can be of benefit to society. So it portrays life's rewards through hardship and sometimes limitations. This is a time to make sure everything is done properly and of high standards. However, this is a wonderful and great time for projects of all kinds to come to fruition and full manifestation. So, with this full moon eclipse in Capricorn, be mindful of your sense of duty, responsibility and ambitions, be thoughtful of your achievements and what you are looking to achieve in the world, as what you achieve in the world will one day become part of your legacy. 

Aries & Aries Rising
The full moon eclipse in Capricorn lights up your career goals, achievements and public roles. What you have achieved, and what you have learned in light of it, now comes into view. Focus on what the process has taught you. Focus on what you have been able to understand about yourself through the brave act of chasing your dreams. Focus on what you are no longer afraid of trying, saying, or revealing about yourself. The more freedom you feel to be honest in the world, the more permission you’ll be able to give your projects and their process. This is a great time to consider new career heights, promotion or change. 
Taurus & Taurus Rising
The full moon eclipse encourages you to move beyond the realm of your known world. It gently nudges you towards what holds meaning for you. It helps you to slowly open up to a little mystery. It asks you to suspend your judgment for just a moment so that you might connect a little more deeply to it. The full moon wants you to focus on your philosophical, spiritual and ideologies of your wider world. It wants you to remember that life is yours to fill with travelling, adventure and meaning. Find a moment away from the chaos of your busy life to study, learn and discover something new. Find a place where you can ground and touch down. 
Gemini & Gemini Rising
The full moon eclipse puts focus on other people’s resources and collaborative pursuits. How you make a living is getting gifted with an extra dose of sweetness. Share some. Those that support you, see you through tough professional obstacles and help make your work-life less challenging benefit from your accolades. The good things that others offer are to be received as a blessing - taking a moment to acknowledge them as such can go an incredibly long way in your work together. The full moon eclipse in Capricorn will help you to shed a layer of any emotional debris that has built up, and you are more likely to let old stresses off. The littlest of internal shifts can help you make the most dramatic overall changes.
Cancer & Cancer Rising
This Capricorn full moon eclipse lights up your committed partnerships. The gifts of connection and companionship are portals into greater self-awareness. The messages that reveal themselves now are long-lasting. Allow yourself a little time to take them in. Allow yourself the luxury of letting go of a little resentment. Allow yourself the pleasure of not needing to be perfect in order to be loved. Notice who is offering you affection without demands and care without coercion. Notice the appreciation that comes from others, with no strings attached. Notice who challenges you to make room for more tenderness and care. Being open receptive to your emotional life isn’t easy work. The more honest you are with yourself, the more clarity you can bring to all the ways in which you partner with others. 
Leo & Leo Rising
July’s full moon eclipse in Capricorn finds you working with greater energy than usual and your health and wellness benefit from it greatly. The softer you can go on your system, the more you seem to accomplish. Find the sweetest ways to get done what would normally make you a little sour. As the full moon helps you to put the finishing touches on a work project, you get to have a deeper appreciation for all that you have been able to bring, cultivate, or make happen in your professional life. Every little bit of love, kindness, and care that you have shown yourself shows up now in the quality with which you do all that you do. 
Virgo & Virgo Rising
The light of the full moon encourages you to open up to pleasure, fun and the kindness that comes your way. Through good friends and connections, through small acts and grand gestures, through hard times and ordinary ones, life is made better when we routinely recall the sweet nothings that make life add up to sweet somethings. What you routinely acknowledge takes up more space in your life. No matter the other issues at your door, try to make a little time for pursuits that help you focus on the pleasure that your system needs and deserves.  
Libra & Libra Rising
The full moon eclipse in Capricorn lights up your inner world. Commenting on the quality of your home base and family. The needs you have that aren’t up for negotiation, the full moon asks you to settle into yourself. Give yourself copious amounts of what grounds you, feeds you, and keeps you feeling connected to your inner world. What success looks like on the outside, and what it feels like on the inside, can be very different. This moment demands that you make room for these extremes. Be tender with the parts of you that need a little extra TLC. 
Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 
Clear communication is key. Capricorn full moon eclipse helps you feel safe enough to say what otherwise might stay stuck in your system. The moment calls for a little vulnerability, a lot of honesty, and a willingness to get to the heart of the matter. What you need, needs you too. It needs you to claim it unconditionally. It needs you to know it like a lover. It needs you to say its name like you mean it. Life responds with as much passion as we come to it with. Try not to stifle yours. 
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
The full moon eclipse in Capricorn lights up your financial life and feelings about it. It gives you a little tip in the form of a monetary note or an emotional one. The partnerships that are worth working for, with, and towards come into focus. The full moon helps you get to the heart of an issue that pertains to the quality of your collaborations. Pay attention to any old feelings of self-worth, lack, or fear that come up to be healed. It’s time to outgrow outdated ideas about your resources and how you make a living. 
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
The full moon eclipse in your own sign casts its powerful light upon you, highlighting the partnerships that propel your life forward. It’s not just driving what gets us where we need to go. The kindness, the care, and the love that we receive from others act not only as a protection against the world’s hostility but also a real reason to get up every day and make the messes of life into monuments. Taking a moment to acknowledge the nourishment you get goes an incredibly long way toward maintaining the relationships that matter most to you. Use the light of the full moon eclipse to reflect back to others how much they mean to you. 
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
Capricorn full moon eclipse brings to fruition all that you have gotten done behind the scenes. Your ability to be generative within the creative incubators of your life makes all the difference when your work is finally ready to be delivered to the masses. The depth of attention, care, and consideration you are able to give all that you conceive of shows up in every detail, colour, and curve of your creations. Even if it never ends up in the final product, no ounce of thoughtfulness ever goes to waste. Each struggle, each decision, each attempt is woven into the fabric of its being. Trusting the process makes the art of your life that much richer. The full moon also asks you to reflect on the ways in which you have learned to take care of yourself lately.
Pisces & Pisces Rising
The full moon eclipse in Capricorn pulls focus on the groups that you are a part of and the joy and pleasure they bring into your world. Party with those that you have loved, struggled alongside, healed with, and risked being vulnerable around. What you’ve been able to build together is what you’ll eventually refer to as ‘the good old days’, make sure not to miss living them. The days surrounding the full moon will also help you get to the core of an intimacy issue with friends or lovers, while being able to communicate your needs to others, makes it possible for your relationships to have depth and length of life. Let your feelings breath and the facts that surround them will be all the more available for your use.