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Ready for breakfast?

Time to feed the mind, the body, and the soul...

Ready to have breakfast?  The real kind?  The one after sunrise and not after sunset, I know I am! 


Wishing you and your families a Happy Eid!  I hope that you have had a peaceful Ramadan. Feeding the soul with optimism and positivity is incredibly beneficial, now more so than ever before.  While physically fasting during Ramadan, I also fasted spiritually through prayer, mentally through reading inspiring books and emotionally through listening to uplifting music.  I hope the following will also lift you up and help you grow.

A wonderful way to embrace times of stillness is to read and listen to music.  Some suggestions for books I have recently read are... 
  • The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein (friends recommend the audiobook as it's easier to do the meditation sections)
  • Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein - These books are great for remaining positive and include great exercises for how to attract a more positive life.
  • How NOT to Wear Black by Jules Standish - A great short read about the psychology of color and how you can wear the colors that suit you best and enhance your overall look.
  • Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson - Short, but helpful on how to readapt our attitudes towards change. 


  I love listening to Piano - it soothes, calms and helps me get in touch with my creative energy on repeat while I work, write or paint.


Food & Nutrition

Intermittent fasting could provide a gradual transition post-Ramadan with many benefits for staying on time-restricted feeding, sticking to 16-18 hour fasting windows, depending on your lifestyle (ie: fasting between 7 pm — 11 am daily).

  • If you don't have enough time to cook, for those in London Detox Kitchen andBalance Box both provide a great kickstart to being healthier versions of ourselves.  Detox Kitchen is ideal if you're looking to have a cleanse or would like to practice a gluten dairy and sugar-free diet. While Balance Boxensures you receive the right nutrients every day within a balanced and delicious diet.
  • Remember an apple a day.