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The Nou Project X Gail Stoicheff

The Nou Project X Gail Stoicheff Here at The Nou Project we strive off of collaborating with Artists to promote, support and create magic. Step into Art “Universe” and Stand out in our “Chaos” Sneakers by Artist  Gail Stoicheff. When we asked Gail about her process during this collaboration she mentions: "My work is tangentially tied to Greek mythology and when I was making my sneakers, with one eye on the bleak news cycle, the myth that kept coming to mind was that of Chaos. Chaos was a void out of which came the entire world…the sun and the moon of colour emerging from the emptiness. A void never lasts. I thought that was a good thing to keep in mind right now." How fitting is this...

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Ready for breakfast?

Time to feed the mind, the body, and the soul...Ready to have breakfast?  The real kind?  The one after sunrise and not after sunset, I know I am!    Wishing you and your families a Happy Eid!  I hope that you have had a peaceful Ramadan. Feeding the soul with optimism and positivity is incredibly beneficial, now more so than ever before.  While physically fasting during Ramadan, I also fasted spiritually through prayer, mentally through reading inspiring books and emotionally through listening to uplifting music.  I hope the following will also lift you up and help you grow. BooksA wonderful way to embrace times of stillness is to read and listen to music.  Some suggestions for books I have recently read are...  The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein...

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